Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Anthony Colombo R.I.P. 1945-2017

This month was the saddest of news. I lost a dear friend and a mentor. on Jan 6th, Anthony Colombo passed in his sleep at home in San Diego, CA with his wife of 49 years. I learned so many things from Anthony through discussions and stories, but that story of marriage was one that always made me smile. He found an endless happiness in his relationships with the people he loved and for me it was not only admirable to witness but palpable. I will miss him on my journey to take his story and legacy to the next mediums of art as we venture into the world of film and TV his fathers life story. I watch the videos we made together from time to time hope one day soon we can reach a platform that allows the world to see the difference he and his father made together in 1970 and 71. The NY Times wrote a piece on him right after his passing highlighting a few of the many accomplishments Anthony made with the Italian-American Civil Rights League. His Obituary can be found here.
Anthony to the right of his father Joe Colombo at a rally (1970)

Anthony Speaking with vigor to a 200k plus crowd in Columbus Circle (6/71)

Anthony with Frankie Valli (1971)

Anthony (L) with Nelson Rockefeller at a rally (1970)

Anthony photographed by Estevan Oriol in Central Park. (2013)

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