Sunday, January 10, 2016

Don Capria on Joe Colombo

December started off with Danny Diablo's annual DiabloFest show at Santos Party House. He headlined the gig with Crown of Thornz and White Trash also blessed the bill. After that my month was about to be life changing. For years I have been waiting to release a project that took me years to build. I started working on the biography of Joe Colombo in 2010. I completed the writing of the book in 2013. During the production phase with our publisher my agent gave me word that the publisher (Wiley) sold its company. I did not know at the time what that meant, but than months later, we found out our title along with 1000 others were being sold off to the highest bidder. It was a sad, dark time as I watched something I worked so hard on being tossed around to a bunch of indifferent companies looking to make a quick buck. After years of limbo we retained the rights and released Colombo: The Unsolved Murder on paperback DEC 18th. My co-author, and Joe Colombo's oldest son, Anthony Colombo and I did some signings in New York surrounding the release. It was a good Christmas present for all involved. After the signing in my hometown, I went straight to JFK to meet Dawin in the Philippines for his New Years Eve performance at Eastwood Mall in Manila.

DiabloFest Line up 2015

Colombo Book Jacket

Signing in Little Italy with Anthony Colombo

Signing copies with some close friends

 with Danny Diablo, Anthony Colombo, and Elmo
At Eastwood Mall the night before making final preperations

With Will, Dawin, and DJ HTown in Manila at the ball drop