Monday, August 10, 2015

Summer reuinons

The first show and get together I got to witness was a Lordz of Brooklyn 20 year reunion show @ Gramercy theater. Now for those who don't know who these guys are I will tell you they were pioneers who gave a lot of people influence and inspiration that became superstars. They played shows with everyone from Public Enemy to Korn. Their reunion was epic. The show opener was Danny Diablo's (Crown of Thornz/ Skarhead) new music project The Wilding Incident, with Sacha Jenkins (Whit Man Dingo/ Stealth) and Jimmy Williams (Maximum Penalty)  I also got reunited with a young kid born in LA, relocated to NYC, back to the west coast but visiting his Dad for the summer. It was Dilinger Moses Singer and we spent a few days together, but the best was a bit of a father son day in Central Park. I miss the kid and hope we get to do it again soon.
The Wilding Incident

Lordz of Brooklyn

Dillinger & Dad (Danny Diablo)