Friday, April 10, 2015

The Magic of March

One year ago to the day I was filming Eulogy in the Bronx, sick as a dog, but happy to be directing again. Now, one year later, standing on the N train platform I was on my way to the Queens World Film Festival to watch my film on the big screen. So much can happen in a year and so much did. We were nominated for an award and we took one home; Best Ensemble Cast. I was in heaven when they said our name and at the podium I kept it brief, because this was just a taste of things to come. My biz and I went to Bjork's concert in Brooklyn at the Kings County Theater. The place was redone and looked amazing, the concert was perfection, the "snow leopard" is the last of a dying breed of artists who aren't swayed by anything and make music from the heart and for the soul.

With Don and Katha Cato of the QWFF

On my way!

The star of Eulogy Kaves, holding the winning globe
Accepting the award with the cast of Eulogy

Bjork "The Snow Leopard"