Thursday, April 10, 2014

April- Time To Clear My Mind

After a few months of grinding projects and with the close of the Eulogy shoot, I decided to spend most of April unwinding and relaxing. A good friend of mine and fellow writer gave my a simple piece of advice years ago- to have a great source of output with your work you need equal parts input. So I decided to take some trips and see some sights that would help inspire my next writing project and my current horror script. I was trying to get to Detroit (still on my to do list) but instead took a few trips to Upstate NY. I'm drawn to the calm air upstate and it always inspires me to get back to the grind. The first thing I did was get to work on the Colombo project again, starting with a very important meeting with Barry Slotnick. The best defender in the USA is not an athlete. 
Me with Barry Slotnick, criminal defense attorney #1

Beautiful upstate NY