Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Rancid, Translplants & Crown of Thornz kicked off my summer.

Artist management has its privileges. After all the hard work of sets ups, phone calls, emails, and packaging you will get a chance to do the fun stuff too if you have the right connections. 1:10 A.M. artist Crown of Thornz got the opportunity to tour with one of my favorite bands, Rancid. I took some time away from writing and met them on the road for a string of shows. The value of this band has only increased since I was younger. for anyone out there that loves punk, I urge you to make a show when this band is near or far from you.
Travis Barker (Transplants/Blink182) working with his daughter 2 ft. away

Matty Pasta (Crown of Thornz)

Travis Barker & Tim Armstrong (Transplants)

Tim  & Lars (Rancid)

Jeff "Raised FIst" - Tim Armstrong &yours truly