Thursday, December 10, 2015

Tony Curanaj in NYC to the Weeknd in LA

One my oldest and arguably most talented friends had another art show in NYC. Tony Curanaj (known as SUB in the Graffiti world) Showed some more of his impressive still life oil works on canvass. He shows for a few weeks at the Joshua Liner Gallery in Chelsea. I jumped on a plane and caught The Weeknd at the LA Forum on Dawin's Bday. Lied to him and the gang and told them I was taking them all to see Slayer. They were pretty happy it was Abel instead. And Lana Del Rey came out to do a song together which was a nice perk. Played a bunch West Coast dates with Dawin before heading home to NYC.
Tony Curanaj "Big News"

Tony Curanaj "The Gumball Incident"
Dawin with Kalin White

Dawin in San Fransisco
Abel & Lana Del Rey

Life on the road.