Thursday, January 10, 2013

110 A.M.

January 10th (1/10) 2013 my partner and I launched our website for 110 Artist Management and will begin putting our experience behind a new group of talented young artists. We are adding to our 1 sheet in 2013 an eclectic group of photographers and directors to manage. We are more than excited to announce working with long time friend and associate Estevan Oriol. We hope to add something big to each artists career this year and build a lasting relationship with them through hard work and creativity.
Click HERE for the website where each artists page has a PDF download presentation deck. If you are looking to book anyone from us we can be reached directly at our contact page. (LINK HERE)
Video credits: Fat Joe & Chi Ali - Dir. Mike D'Angelo + Beyonce - Dir. Blake Farber + Last Call Brawl Dir. Jeff Pliskin 
Ryan Gosling © Estevan Oriol

Dennis Hopper © Estevan Oriol

© Lani Lee

© Lani Lee

Snoop Dog © Jeff Pliskin