Thursday, July 10, 2014

Preparing Valhalla

One of my earliest screenplays and truly one of my favorite stories is finally being brought back to the front burner. After our 110 film team closes in on completing Eulogy, we get the next package ready to shoot; "Valhalla." During my producers trip to NYC we got an exclusive tour of the newly renovated spaces at the Empire State Building. We were the only people on the planet that day they had access to the small deck surrounding the needle which is above the 102nd floor deck. The views cant translate with word or photo. 110 artists management had a nice night out in Little Italy when our Casablanca Records artist Dawin DJ'd for the crowd at Goldbar. It was a fun night for all.
Above the 102 floor at the Empire State Building

w/ Lillo Brancato & Rav Vanacore

Dawin flyer for Goldbar