Friday, July 10, 2015

Some films and Some AYER

This month, as always I tried to catch as many films as possible. I am blessed to be in the festival circuit with my film Eulogy so I can see what else is being made at the independent level. I attended the Paterson Falls Film Festival with my star Federico Castelluccio. We saw some pretty impressive films there. Federico was a resident of Paterson NJ so we were met with a warm welcome from many of the folks that came out to support him. Next stop was a documentary feature directed by Sacha Jenkins, Fresh Dressed. Taking a very deep look into fashion in the the hip hop community and a discussion on its evolution with many of those who became success stories form it. All the Tuesday's of the month were spent at Piano's in NYC watching AYER perform at his residency there. It was a build up from week to week and a great finally at the end. Check out his new EP if you haven't done so already. 

on the set of Eulogy with Federico Castelluccio
Paterson Falls Film Fest with Federico Castelluccio
With Director Sacha Jenkins