Monday, November 10, 2014

Devotion Measures Strength

This fall had a lot more happening than years prior, which can only mean I am heading into a busy 2015. The year was a great set up with new signings and new projects and now its time to see them all grow on their own.

Brayton Bowman our newest signing at 110 Artists released his EP Here-Now. The 4 track EP features Jaywalk, Runaway, Stephen, and Ride or Die. NoisePorn states " If you have followed Bowman, you will recognize the two tracks at the top of this new release “Jaywalk” and “Runaway.” Instantly you will be reminded what sets Brayton apart from the others with his totally modern, electric funk sound. Both of these songs are pop-anthem worthy and serve as a great opening for this collection of music."
Brayton Bowman - Here | Now

Danny Diablo and I both put together a new event. He will be hosting "Family Night" #FNDD which will be sponsored in part my Travis Barker's Famous brand. The night will be a pop up art and music event. The music format will change every time with the premiere event playing 90's hip hop - playing Video Graff on the big screens and the art display with be graffiti.
First Family Night Flyer

Lastly, it was a bittersweet release of Dawin's music video for "Just Girly Things" One of the lead roles was played by a dear friend of mine and world famous graffiti legend. TRIGZ. He was involved in a fatal altercation in North Hollywood a few weeks after the video shoot and in the midst of a fair fist fight the cowardly man he was fighting pulled a gun on him and shot him in the chest. Trigz was survived by five children and a beautiful Fiance, Honey. We raised money for his family and will continue to show support.  Rest in Peace my Friend..
Trigz in NYC . Photo by Lani Lee

Trigz in LA. Photo by Estevan Oriol