Monday, June 10, 2013

It got Better

I love some of the people I work with in the music business. Cuz Joe and Freddy Madball of Black n Blue productions have built an amazing brand in Hardcore with the annual BNB Bowl. Last year I thought it couldn't be done any bigger and this year they did something unimaginable. They made it twice as big. They sold out Webster Hall for the weekend with the reunion of Hardcore legends Judge. The weekend was kicked off at Santos Party House where Danny Diablo threw his annual "ill Roc bum rush" show. That was headlined by Skarhead and Bulldoze. The rest of the weekend was a giant party with moshing, east village food and after party's in the LES. A real hardcore extravaganza.Check out some pics I snapped below.
Mike Judge

Webster Hall BnB Bowl 2013

Hoya Roc (Madball)

Lord Ezec watches as Mackie Jayson (Cromags) schools Rigg Ross (Crown of Thronz)

Eye Ra Haze girls with photographer Lani Lee