Monday, December 10, 2012

Danny Diablo & Diablofest 2012

Two weeks before the world was supposed to come to and end NY Hardcore legend Danny Diablo hosted his second annual Diablofest in lower Manhattan. This year it was at the studio at Webster Hall and the headliners were the Beatnuts and Crown of Thornz. Diablofest is for music fans who can appreciate both hardcore music and hip hop. Danny does his best to make the event packed with artists who are up on stage to show the crowd a good time. Rebel Ink was in the building snapping photos of the performers and those in attendance that wanted to show off their ink (there were plenty around). The event was only 1 month after Danny Diablo released his fourth hip hop record and the first on his own label; Ill-Roc Records. The release party for the album titled "The Blood of Eden" was hosted by Skam Dust and held at Tammany Hall in the Lower East side. The venue was packed and along with DJ Coz spinning the record, live performances were mixed in from a few artists who showed up to support the hardcore legend. Panic, Lord Willin, and Eye Ra Haze hit the stage rocking the crowd keeping the evening full of entertainment. Check out the flicks below. "The Blood of Eden" is available now on iTunes. click HERE for a link.
Skam Dust, Jaysaun, Vinny Stigma - Diablofest

Danny Diablo - Diablofest

Crown of Thornz - Diablofest

"Big Ju" The Beatnuts - Diablofest

L-R Don Capria - Danny Diablo - Alex Shenitsky

Danny Diablo & Rat Bones

Panic, Natasha Singer (Eye Ra Haze), Skam Dust