Sunday, August 10, 2014

A LUCKY, GQ, Don Capria hits Tampa with Dawin

at the Kennedy with Mr. Buck Wheat
Working with a few brands this month had me at a rooftop event hosted by Lucky and GQ magazine. I was sipping whiskey alongside the rooftop pool at the Jimmy Lounge James Hotel in Soho. I went with my actor and good friend Kaves, my business partner Alex, at 1:10 A.m. and our rising star artist, Dawin. Dawin and I had just landed at JFK coming back from a radio gig on WILD 94 in Tampa. He DJ'd at the Kennedy the night prior with Tampa's number one DJ - King JB.
Wild 94 Jaybuggz, Dawin, and Stiff from the Nuthouse

Alex S. / Kaves / Me / Dawin

with Kaves at the Jimmy at the James in Soho