Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Writings and Paintings

I got to go to a few shows this month and attend a few openings. The first was for painter/actor Federico Castelluccio who had his oil paintings displayed in a group show at the Diverse Visions show hosted at the Diego Salazar Gallery in Queens. If you have seen any of his paintings check out his website here, he is a gifted artist.  The next event was for two writers I am proud to know. Sacha Jenkins and Howie Abrams who together penned what will forever be a piece of metal history. They released "The Merciless Book of Metal Lists" this month. An amazing collaboration that humors, critiques and gives awesome anecdotes on some of the greatest players and pieces of metal music culture. Buy a copy here.
Yvonne Schaefer & Federico Caselluccio

L-R Me-Howie Abrams-Skam Dust- Mike Malbon