Tuesday, February 10, 2009

110% work ethic !

February has me under the gun. We started off by getting Skarhead ready to record a new record on I Scream records. It's the return of Lord Ezec for the what will be one of the most anticipated album releases in the history of hardcore music. We set up a show in Brooklyn at Red Star for Danny Diablo with an eclectic group of NY rappers like Mr. Hyde, Grizz, G Fella, U.G.P. and surprise guests as well. G Fella is getting ready to release his DVD/CD in a few short months. Lucky friends and fans will get a glimpse of his Short film 'Crew' directed by Hezues R' at the Helen Mills theater next month. I took a break from the busy schedule and dropped by to check out Peter Green on the set of 'Life on Mars'. A great time piece TV series featuring Harvey Keitel, and Michael Imperioli.